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emotional eating

Eating habits often have an emotional side.

Weight loss is a big issue for many people. We often do not eat out of a genuine feeling of hunger, we rather want to mask deeper unpleasant feelings.

We eat out of sorrow or frustration, boredom or loneliness, fear of a decision or even joy over a success. Food serves us as a reward or to “sweeten” bad times.

The overweight person eats without really being hungry and cannot stop, even if the body signals “enough”. The natural control mechanisms are suspended.

The consequences are overweight, discomfort, dissatisfaction.
Attempts to regain normal weight and happiness with crash diets often remain without lasting success.

This is where the therapeutic approach of hypnosis can help. In deep relaxation it is possible to recognise and dissolve the causes of emotional eating and the associated overweight.

The person affected retrieves the natural feeling of listening intuitively to their body and enjoying without excess. The weight loss happens incidentally, so to speak.

I also offer gastric band hypnosis to help with obesity.

This involves the use of a hypnotic gastric band during the phase of deep relaxation. Even though this “stomach reduction” is only suggested in a deep way, this method leads to significantly less appetite and a long-lasting feeling of satiety.

I work in a central location in the Praxis am Turm in Frankfurt am Main, at Oeder Weg 15 (U-Bahn stop Eschenheimer Turm).

1 hypnosis session (70-90 minutes ) costs 159 Euro







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