Phobias & Fears

Fears and phobias are on the rise these days.

They burden our everyday lives and often accompany us throughout our lives. Phobias such as fear of heights or flying as well as panic attacks severely restrict the person affected in their everyday life. The causes of these anxiety disorders are manifold and usually not recognisable to the person.

Panic attacks can occur at any time without any recognisable external cause. They manifest themselves in physical symptoms such as racing heart, trembling, dizziness, sweating and are very stressful for the person affected and massively disrupt their everyday life. In contrast to panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder is a persistent fear.

This anxiety also shows various physical symptoms: Muscle tension, stomach problems, head pressure, palpitations, etc. The causes usually lie in the past and the person affected is not aware of them.

Even a few sessions show success.

Fears and phobias cannot be controlled by consciousness. Therefore, you cannot tell yourself that you are not afraid. Fears and phobias cannot be solved via the mind. Hypnotherapy offers a very good approach to treatment for all forms of anxiety.

Clients report that after just a few hypnosis sessions, anxiety is no longer triggered and they feel much more relaxed.

I work in a central location in the Praxis am Turm in Frankfurt am Main, at Oeder Weg 15 (U-Bahn stop Eschenheimer Turm).

1 hypnosis session (70-90 minutes ) costs 159 Euro







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