Smoking cessation

With hypnotherapy, quitting smoking becomes much easier.

There are many reasons to quit smoking. Not only health reasons play a role. The social or financial aspect can also be an impetus.

However, quitting cigarettes permanently is difficult for most people. The reason for this is the positive emotions associated with smoking. The cigarette is not only a stimulant, it relaxes, calms and is the rewarding break after a job well done.

Smoking also creates social contacts, gives the smoker the feeling of belonging to a group. This practised behaviour is firmly anchored in the subconscious. Hypnotic smoking cessation helps to correct this subconscious conditioning and eliminate the compulsive need to reach for the cigarette. The person affected concerned becomes a non-smoker in the long term.

A smoking hypnosis consists of 2 sessions within 7-14 days.

For heavy smokers and intense cravings for cigarettes, we also offer a package of 2 hypnosis sessions and 3 acupuncture treatments at the Praxis am Turm.

I work in a central location in the Praxis am Turm in Frankfurt am Main, at Oeder Weg 15 (U-Bahn stop Eschenheimer Turm).

2 smoking hypnosis sessions cost 339 euros A package of 2 smoking hypnoses and 3 acupuncture treatments costs 489 Euro







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